I wanted to send a quick note out to let you know in the last couple months we are so grateful that we've experience meteoric growth. 

Much of that is because of people searching out our services & for that I am incredibly appreciative

It means the world to me that they are reaching out to me for the personal handyman services that I provide.  

However, we are currently booked solid until MAY!

As we continue to grow, it makes it darn near impossible for me to communicate immediately/ timely  with each & every one on a personal level. 

So today, I just wanted to say- 

"I'm sorry if you've called, emailed or requested my services and I was not able to personally respond in the timeline you have had for your project." 

It's absolutely nothing personal and completely due to the fact that time is finite. There's just not enough time in the day for me to physically be able to answer each and every request immediately while performing services at other clients homes. 

And for that, I am sorry. Sometimes I wish I was a magic genie and could grant your every wish. But like you, I'm also human with a family. 

I will always to do the best I can. 

We are continuing to grow and working toward qualifying additional techs that will perform work with the same standards and professionalism that I do. 

I will not trust and allow just anyone in my valued clients homes.  

Thank YOU!

Please use the link below to fill out our New Client Information form 

to expedite setting an appointments in MAY 2019


Call 404-353-3315 or Message 1-833-383-2726


ART OF SERVICES COMPANY est. 2009 Privately Owned and Operated.

 "Marietta's Superb Handyman." Building and Renovating in Marietta since 1989. 


AMAZON Premium Preferred Product Installer 

A+ BBB rated, Better Business Bureau

A+ Rated General Liability with Auto Owners, No Claims 5 years.

Cobb County Licensed since 2009



Due to a strong belief, in acting locally and a growing repeat community customer base,

Art of Services has a restricted work area. Please review map below and call to ask for borderline homes. 

Our concentration in this area saves on response time & offers cost savings to customer service requests. 

Art of Services, Marietta's Superb Handyman AREA MAP