WHO IS.... "Marietta's Superb Handyman", his name is Tomas Aloisio

His name is Tomas Aloisio, a life long commercial and residential builder. Born in South Florida, he was introduced to the construction industry building seawalls as a summer job, moving wheel barrows of dirt to back fill freshly placed concrete to hold back the miles of water front shore line. That relationship started at 14 years of age vastly moved into a curiosity that still exists today in this very widely experienced and highly skilled craftsmen that has built in many disciplines of the construction industry. From commercial high-rise buildings to large inter-coastal custom homes of the affluent clients in South Florida to the humble re-modeler and new father in Georgia (1989). A state with no formal licensing system and with just a business occupational license. WOW!, I was allowed to build anything from industrial factories and high-end residential projects.

After the 2006 economic collapse and a failed partnership with a so called trusted family member. I lost everything, I set out to build from scratch an entity and to finally trust in my own instinct and build company as I saw fit for the future. I would change the industry by setting an example of what a highly skilled master builder would craft into a company. I would start from nothing and build not only a company but a legacy. The return to our truth, our foundation, our ancestry and recover the lost ART OF SERVICE to our community and the real future we should build for a better tomorrow, today, the craft/trade, the next apprentice, The next generation.

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Historical Beginnings of "Marietta's Superb Handyman"?

Tomas Aloisio has over thirty-five years of experience as a contractor with training in both commercial and residential industries. He possesses a vast and very diverse building portfolio consisting of various projects such as: Schools, Big Box Retail, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Industrial Facilities, Historic Restoration, High Rise & Coastal Residences, and many different types of renovation and remodeling projects.

With a combination of excellent performance and hands on experience in all building trades, he is able to utilize his expertise to produce very detailed design work and finishing touches that rival any contractor today. This is due to the construction industry trends of specialization, which reduces the skilled experience and versatility that it needs.

Tomas is able to satisfy those needs by proficiently embracing a "Jack of All Trades" approach. This styled approach utilizes the combination of historic techniques, innovative logical thought, the most current of technology paired with a variety of material uses. He has a long family history in the building industry dating back to historic Italy.

Why call it "Art Of Services"?

The combination of 'art' and 'service' through a comprehensive understanding, delivery,

and execution of all the disciplines within the construction trades.


est. 2009 Privately Owned and Operated.

"Marietta's Superb Handyman." 5 Star Google Rated

Building and Renovating in Marietta since 1989.

5 star HOME ADVISER PRO since 2004

AMAZON Premium Preferred Product Installer

A+ BBB rated, Better Business Bureau

A+ Rated General Liability with Auto Owners, No Claims 7 years.

Cobb County Specialty Licensed since 2009

Industry advocacy motivation for "Art Of Services"?

Art of Services & Tomas would like to humbly request all citizens to contact your local, state and federal representatives and get trades back in our schools and on the minds of our children, politicians and community.

We are in a desperate state of affairs in the construction trade industry.

Energetic, Knowledgeable, Dependable, Skilled help is at a deficit.

Let's BUILD our Future together