About Us

Tomas Aloisio has over twenty five years as a contractor with training in both commercial and residential industries. He possesses a vast and very diverse building portfolio. His background experience has been with new construction project types such as schools, big box retail, hospitals, shopping centers, industrial facilities, historic restoration, high rise & coastal residences and many different types of renovation and remodeling projects. In addition to excellent performance and hands on experience in all building trades he is able to combine his talent and knowledge to produce very detailed design work and finishes that rival any contractor today. 

Tomas is a "Jack of All Trades" while most firms specialize, due to a lack of skilled experience, he has a long family history in the building industry dating back to historic Italy. Tomas utilizes the combination of historic techniques, innovative logical thought, the most current of technology paired with a variety of material uses. 

Mixing Art and Service through a comprehensive understanding of the construction trade.

Art of Services & Tomas would like to humbly request all citizens to contact your local, state and federal representatives and get trades back in our schools and on the minds of our children, politicians and community. 

We are in a desperate state of affairs in the construction trade industry.

Energetic, Knowledgeable, Dependable, Skilled help is at a deficit.

Let's BUILD our Future together